and 9 Kino Ashtanga Yoga journey


Hi my sweet followers. Hope everything is well with all of you. I’m doing fine. Practicing yoga also working on some new recipes and on some other things which I will be sharing with you very soon. Just wanted to share day 8 and 9 of the beginner yoga challenge. Love, peace and harmony coming […]

Kino Ashtanga Yoga journey day 4-5-6


I just can’t say it enough I’m so grateful for the beginner Ashtanga Yoga classes from Kino. I feel so good doing yoga. I’m learning to be more focused and peaceful. I love the moments you have with yoga that you put every stressful and negative thought away. Only think positive and loving thoughts. I […]

Oven baked falafel


This is a simple and tasty falafel recipe. Oven baked so no nasty oils and other stuff. I do not know for you guys but I love Middle Eastern food. They have a ton of vegan dishes and they taste so good. Falafel is one of my favorite. You can wake me up in de […]

Kino Macgregor Ashtanga yoga journey day 3


Today I’ve practiced Upward Facing Dog. Everything went fine. I’m really enjoying the journey. I will be sharing other articles such as recipes. I’m trying out the Starch Solution diet. I hope with every cell of my being that I’m going to lose weight. It’s not easy for me to lose weight. So I really […]

Kino Macgregor Ashtanga yoga journey day 2


I’m so grateful towards Kino for making these yoga videos and sharing her knowledge. If you are intressed like me in the spiritual part of yoga you can also find ‘living the yogi’s life‘ series on her channel. I love these videos and watch them everyday for positive energy and personal growth. I can not […]